Monday, 26 February 2018

How to Ensure Good Dental Health of Children

It’s good to care for the children teeth because it’s the dental and oral health which is going to give overall health benefit in the long run. Moreover, you don’t want to spend too much of your money on the dental visits which are made to treat dental conditions in children. Oral health of children at younger age doesn’t have to be the big worry for parents.

Having that said, there are some common questions most of the parents ask. Some of those questions and answer to those questions are described as under.

Minimum age for first dental visit
People usually ask about the age at which the child should be taken to first dental visit. Ideally, a child needs to be in the dentist’s office at the age of six months. However, you need not pry as a bit longer than six months isn’t harmful.

An early dental visit helps you know about the dental issues which may arise in the oral cavity of your child.

Reasons for cavities
Children teeth are more vulnerable against cavities. This is the reason that parents wonder about the reasons so that they could be avoided effectively. The main reason for cavities is erosion of tooth enamel. Although the enamel on children teeth is quite weaker as compared to enamel on the adult teeth, it is still strong enough to be regarded as the strongest part of the body. Hence, the cavities on children teeth are preventable.

Most of the children naturally like to eat sugary foods like candies and chocolates. Forbidding children to completely quit on candies is just like taking away their childhood. However, you can ensure proper teeth cleaning on regular basis. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that your children are not consuming soda and other processing foods at all.

How to know your children have cavities
The effective way you can know about cavities in your children teeth is to make sure that you are taking them on dental visits regularly. We are talking about those cavities which are not yet fully developed and are treatable.

Brushing teeth
You need to encourage your children to brush their teeth from very young age. Typically, use of toothbrush needs to be considered upon the emergence of first tooth. At this young age, your child would not be able to brush his/her teeth by himself/herself. You will need to brush your child’s teeth. The first thing you will need to teach your kids is to spit after brushing. You will still brush their teeth.

At the age of 4, you can ask your children to brush their teeth without your help. At this stage, the amount of toothpaste is also increased.